The wedding day is a perfect time for a professional photography team to capture every single moment and memory to last a lifetime. Professional photography is one of the most important details to secure for your wedding day, as the pictures are truly the only thing (other than your dedication to one another!) that lasts! The Bride and Groom's wedding day is filled with laughter and love between friends and family, and it is our goal to capture every smile and warm embrace.

We want each couple to be able to relive and experience each precious moment! NG Studio aims to capture moments such as the Bride walking down the isle to her Groom, the Groom's reaction as he first see's his Bride to be, the Mother buttoning up her daughters wedding gown and the first Father and Daughter dance. We desire to have the Bride and Groom see all of their memorable moments, and this is why we provide a large quantity of high resolution photographs that have all been edited. Our post editing procedure truly makes our photography team stand out, because we reproduce around 1,000 post edited photographs, as opposed to other companies who offer only 500. We encourage you to experience extraordinary with NG Studio.