Why should I hire a professional photography/videography team for my wedding?

A wedding is a once in a life time event, something that many cherish for the rest of their lives. The best way to recall and revisit such a beautiful day is with professional photographs and timeless cinematography. Our team does not just capture your memories, it exposes their beauty and devotion. Why keep the memories in your mind when you can have them in tangible form? Your wedding day is the one day you cannot simply do-over. By hiring a professional photography/videography team for your wedding day, you will be able to have a tangible memory that will last forever. By making the investment to hire a group of professionals you will receive open communication, talent and raw exposure of the best day of your life.

Why is it important to hire a team that is able to do both photography and videography?

Being able to relive your memories in both photography and videography format allows you choice and option. Photographs are a touching way to remember special moments, yet most of these moments are staged. What about the un-staged raw moments of your special day? Videography allows you to relive your wedding speeches, the happiness on the faces of your guests and every small detail you may have missed when you were caught up in your precious moments. Choosing a company that is able to offer both videography and photography services means that you will receive memories from all perspectives. Hiring two separate companies to provide photography and videography may be the cause of disruption on your special day. A team with years of chemistry working together to provide both services will mean that both professionals work seamlessly and smoothly.

Why should you choose NG Studio as your ultimate production team for wedding photography and videography?

NG Studio ensures that your wedding needs are completely looked after, from the day that you have your first consultation all the way until your wedding day. We always arrange our schedule around your wedding needs and we offer multiple consultations to ensure that your vision is properly carried out. NG Studio works to make you happy, meaning that we are available to communicate with you about every single detail and requirement. Our team truly goes above and beyond by offering many services, even by suggesting venues and outdoor landscapes for you to consider for your photography and videography needs. Our team has seven years of chemistry and experience to back up our expertise, and our testimonials present on our website speak to our professionalism and care. NG Studio makes sure you have more than enough cinematography footage and photographs from your special day, advocating that we truly view each moment as precious.

What makes NG Studio different from other photography and videography professionals?

NG Studio personalizes each and every cinematography template for the Bride and Groom, meaning that you never receive a template we have used previously. We custom choose music to fit you and your mate as well as the journey you two have experienced together. We do more than edit your photographs, we also do color enhancements to ensure that your skin looks the best that it can, meaning that you will visibly see a 30-40% change in your skin through our professional post editing services. In a typical twelve-hour day of coverage with two photographers you will receive a minimum of 1,000 final edited high resolution pictures on a USB. We also edit our cinematography videos second by second, adding special effects and voice over music to create the best video of your wedding day. The final product will be delivered to your utmost satisfaction as our goal is to ensure that each couple is happy with our services.

Are there any hidden fees I need to know about?

The simple answer is absolutely not! Our team presents our packages with all costs so that you understand what you are paying for and the value of each package.

How do I receive my high resolution images?

NG Studio is very flexible with delivery. If you are unable to pick up your high resolution images on our USB, we are able to mail the USB to your home address at no cost to you.

What is special about the team at NG Studio?

Our team is multicultural, meaning that our professionals make it their duty to know your culture, heritage and cultural norms, and as an added bonus, we may even know your language!

Does your company offer services for destination weddings?

Absolutely! We have already travelled to many areas in the world to aid our customers for their wedding needs and we are more than happy to continue doing so. We are able to fly to any destination to capture your wedding memories of your wedding day or even of your honeymoon.

What is the best thing about NG Studio?

We offer high quality services at an affordable price, and we are always ready and able to customize one of our packages to meet your wedding needs.