Victoria and Ali Celebrated Their Love in Two Elaborate Ways

Victoria and Ali are a beautiful couple from two very different backgrounds, yet they found forever within one another's heart. This couple was able to celebrate two weddings, one held on August 27th, 2017 and one held on September 3rd, 2017. NG Studio was proud to be a part of both special days, taking breathtaking photographs of the new bride and groom.

A spectacular Indian-style wedding at Richmond Hill Country Club

The first wedding was a traditional Indian style ceremony, celebrating the heritage and culture of the groom, Ali. The bride wore a beautiful white Indian styled gown, and the groom wore a sherwani styled outfit, provided by Chandan's Fashions.

To celebrate the groom's culture, the bride had an elaborate henna tattooed onto her hands and she wore a sparkling piece of jewelry on her head, known as the tikka. NG Studio was able to capture each beautiful piece of jewelry in timeless photographs, and each meaningful embrace between family members. The Indian style wedding, took place in Richmond Hill, at the Richmond Hill Country Club. The address of this venue is 8905 Bathurst Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario. This is a perfect location being close to downtown Toronto, and it offers intimate settings both indoor and outdoor. NG Studio was able to capture beautiful photographs showcasing the greenery of this site, showing what a beautiful summer wedding truly feels like. The outdoor pool and elaborate golf setting create an amazing environment to kick back and relax. The bride and groom are pictured by NG Studio in scenes of greenery, alongside their friends and family.

A traditional Italian-European style wedding at Villa Caboto

The second wedding was a traditional Italian-European style wedding, celebrating the culture of the bride, Victoria. The bride is Italian, and the presence of her culture is seen through the beautiful choice in venue. This wedding took place at Villa Caboto, also known as the Columbus Event Centre, in Toronto. This beautiful venue offers many distinct rooms for one's reception, and the one chosen by the bride and groom is known as the Sala Caboto, which is the main ballroom, elegant and distinguished with glass chandeliers and beautiful hardwood floors. NG Studio made sure to capture some amazing photographs, showing the elegance and beauty of their chosen room. This venue is known for its Italian flair, situated on wide green space of around four acres, surrounded by statues. NG Studio was able to photograph special moments shared by the bride and groom, outside on the terrace, as they share a warm embrace. This venue is located at 901 Lawrence Avenue West, in Toronto.

The bride had her professional makeup created by Lily Ho Beauty, showcasing her natural beauty. NG Studio was proud to take pictures of Victoria, as Lily Ho Beauty prepared the bride for her wedding, as the finishing touches of powder and lipstick are applied.

The beautiful flowers were provided by The Paisley Rose, and each bouquet is intricately designed to contribute to an atmosphere of love. NG Studio was able to take beautiful picturesque photographs, showcasing the beauty of the designed floral arrangements.

NG Studio was proud to be a part of not one, but two beautiful weddings. This multicultural couple celebrated their love in two elaborate ways, allowing for twice the memories and twice the beautiful photographs!