W & B: Casa Loma Pre-Wedding Photography

3 Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Venues around Toronto

The future bride and groom took part in a pre-wedding photo shoot: courtesy of NG Studio. The pre-wedding photo shoot includes three separate luxurious locations for the best photographs possible, as well as makeup and hair artists to assist with a special look, for each location.

The first location of the bride and groom took place at the famous Casaloma, in Toronto Ontario. Casaloma is a well known landmark within Toronto, as it was originally a castle built in the 1900's. However, since then it has been converted into a museum, although many brides and grooms utilize this mansion as a luxurious wedding venue. Casaloma offers rich history, up-scale facilities, and beautiful gardens. The beautiful bride wore a timeless Princess style gown, with a diamond headpiece and necklace. The bride's veil was dramatically long, photographed by NG Studio blowing in the wind, light and free as the clouds in the sky. The groom wore a sharp suit, with a blue bow-tie. NG Studio took many breathtaking photographs inside of Casaloma, with the beautiful greenery of the gardens peering through the windows in their many rooms. The couple shared many memorable moments holding hands under the water fountains, while walking under the beautiful blue sky.

The second location took place at the wonderful and magical Scarborough BluffsScarborough Bluffs, in Scarborough Ontario. This location is a must visit spot in the Toronto area, as it offers spectacular cliffs, sandy rocks and sky blue water views of Lake Ontario. This spot is famous for beautiful sunsets, or romantic walks along the water on a summer evening. NG Studio ensured to capture and photograph every romantic moment at this beautiful location. The bride is pictured wearing an A-Line white wedding gown, while her hair swiftly blows through the air.

The final location took place at Pleasure Valley, a beautiful 225 acre forested property, offering horseback riding trail rides. Pleasure Valley is located in Uxbridge, Ontario, which is very close to Toronto, Ontario for those who wish to experience nature a stone's throw away from home. The future bride is pictured wearing a beautiful ballroom style pink and purple wedding dress, offering both a traditional and modern feel. The future bride and groom walk hand in hand while experiencing nature walks, interacting with horses and participating in trail rides.

The memories experienced by this couple on this fun filled day of love and romance will forever be cherished, courtesy of NG Studio for offering spectacular photography services.