All the Cherished Moments Captured on Nicole & Keith's Wedding Day

Best Wedding Photographer Always Captures the Most Unexpected Moments.

Nicole and Keith were married on May 27th 2017, at the start of spring, when the grass becomes green and the trees start to bloom. This was a day of love and celebration, where every memory was captured by the couple’s attentive wedding photographer. A smile, a glance, a quick kiss or a little sigh shared between couples on their wedding day are all moments that happen quickly. These are the ones we aim to capture and freeze in time forever. The perfect photos that you will cherish forever only have a split second to be captured by our wedding photographer.

Nicole started off her wedding day at home, surrounded by her bridal party. The bride wore a beautiful mermaid style wedding dress, with cream colored shoes, decorated with elaborate diamonds. The bridal party wore baby pink floor length gowns, with sweetheart necklines. The bride’s engagement ring and wedding ring sparkled in the light, as her bridal party arranges her dress and NG Studio takes breathtaking wedding photos, to capture every memory. The bride’s bridal party is pictured at the bride’s home, where their customized name plated champagne glasses, await to be taken and had. The Moet champagne bottle is opened by the Bride, as her day of love is just beginning. The groom’s bridal party is at the groom’s home, and they also have customized plated whisky glasses, waiting to be used, to begin the celebration. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, help their children get ready, to enter the next stage of their lives.

The ceremony and reception take place in Toronto Ontario, at the King Valley Golf Club. This location which is on Dufferin Street, offers beautiful scenery, for the best wedding photos that a bride and groom could hope for. The ceremony and wedding photos take place outside on the grounds of the Golf Club, shortly after the ceremony, as the groom, bride and bridal party, is surrounded by nature. The bride and groom receive photos standing on stone walkways, beside a large pond, walking through treed trails and beside lush gardens. The bride, groom and bridal party have such wonderful scenery to see, and they are provided with sufficient time to visit and mingle on the terrace, as NG Studio prepares their same day edit videography. This spot in Toronto offers one-of-a-kind wedding photos and videos, as couples walk hand in hand beside the water and through the rolling hills. The bride sports a beautiful bouquet of white and pink flowers with a few pieces of greenery entwined, aptly matching her bridal party’s color choices, and the greenery of the naturist venue. The groom sported a sophisticated navy-blue suit with a fancy bow-tie. NG Studio’s videographer was able to capture the white picket fences behind the bride and groom as they said “I DO” as well as the wooden bridge over the pond, as the couple steals a kiss. The beautiful pictures and videos offered by NG Studio, end with a thrilling golf cart ride, over the lush grounds, as the bridal party wishes them the best of luck, not just for now, but for forever.