How to look thin on your wedding photo

1. There should be some empty area between the arm and the body
Take photo of many bride will unintentionally show the some muscle, so that the arm looks thicker. To avoid this problem, the first thing is to check your leave a some space between arm and body.
2. Get ride of your chin and stretch your neck on your wedding photo
Many people take pictures of the time, have ignored the secretly ran out of the double chin. If you want to be more beautiful on the wedding photo. Try to relax the shoulders and pull back, head forward a little, let the jaws lateral lens. Such contour lines will become more vivid, feel a word, "thin"!
3. Do not make your 10 fingers straigt
The fingers all straight and reveal the back of the hand, in addition to feeling unsightly, but also significant big illusion. Want to see you slender fingers, it is necessary to like the right hand to relax the fingers slightly, as far as possible to show the side of hand, hand looks more slim and small.
4. use the husband to cover up
Want to cover up the shortcomings of the upper body, the simplest is to ask some help from your husband. Try to avoid standing in front of your husband, instead hide in the back, you will be more petite on the photo. But this approach can not use too much, or you will not see your beautiful wedding dress.
5. husband conceal the arm
It seems that the arm is a problem for many bride. If your husband can hand cover your part of the arm, it will be silent to worship the meat cover, you can use it.