Ana & Michael's Beautiful Engagement and Wedding photography in Toronto

A Toronto Professional Photographer's Wedding Photography

The loving bride: Ana, and the handsome groom: Michael, were married on October 9th, 2016. The bride is a professional photographer, and she takes a keen interest in beautiful photography. The groom is a teacher, and he becomes inspired when he sees his students growing in knowledge. This couple met at the Canadian National Exhibition, while they were both still in school. This exhibition is held in Toronto, Ontario. The exhibition takes place for a period of eighteen days before Canadian Labour Day, and it includes shopping, arcades, games and rides.

The bride and groom celebrate their engagement at a carnival, to resemble the day that they met at the Canadian National Exhibition. NG Studio was proud to offer engagement photography services, capturing one very special moment between the future bride and groom. This couple is photographed in Toronto, at Cherry Beach, standing on the sand, beside the cool water on a beach.

The bride and groom share a precious piece of jewelry between them, a necklace, which declares their love for one another. This engagement session offers the best photos, showing the bride’s engagement ring sparkling in the daylight, and the love that is shared between the couple.

NG Studio was also proud to offer wedding photography for this couple, as their ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Church in Toronto, on Adelaide Street. This is a beautiful Roman Catholic Church, in the east end of Toronto, offering elegance, ambiance and the presence of God. The couple’s wedding planner ensured that the ceremony flowed perfectly and seamlessly. This couple’s wedding planner can be contacted and located at the website below:

The bride wore a beautiful mermaid style wedding gown, with baby blue shoes to match the dresses of her bridal party. The bride sported a beautiful classic hair piece, and the groom wore a fitted navy-blue suit. As the bride took her time in getting ready, she was photographed holding an antique, Victorian style mirror, looking at her reflection as a single woman, for the very last time. The ceremony was beautiful, with many displays of affection from family members. The reception took place at Black Creek Pioneer Village, located in North York, Ontario. This site offers historic buildings and classrooms, that were used in the 1800’s.

This site offers the opportunity for amazing wedding photos. The bride and groom are pictured inside of a classroom, commemorating the time period in which they first met, and writing their names on the chalkboard, which truly hits home for the groom as a teacher. Breathtaking photography takes place outside on the train tracks, having the bride’s wedding band glow in the sunlight. The bride and groom both share memorable hugs with their parents and they light up sparklers on the dancefloor.

The second and last location for their wedding photography is on the Hangar Soccer Field, located in North York, Ontario. This site is important to them, as both the bride and groom share a love of soccer. NG Studio’s ensures to take pictures of them on the field, holding the soccer ball and wearing soccer jerseys.

The wedding concluded with beautiful photo shots of the bridal party, bride and groom, as they all celebrated this new dedication and life long vow.