4 Ways to Save money on your Wedding

1.Hire a wedding coordinator to save you time and money.Most brides think that hiring a wedding coordinator will break their budget. It's a little-known fact that wedding coordinators can actually save you money after you get all the discounts and perks they have arranged with partner vendors, says Sharon Naylor, who has written 30 wedding books including 1000 Best Secrets for Your Perfect Wedding. But use caution when selecting a planner: anyone can call herself a "wedding planner." Look for someone who is certified by organizations such as the Academy of Wedding Professionals or the Association of Bridal Consultants. NG Studio (wedding photography and HD videography) can also recommend some great wedding planners to you!

2.Buy booze by the head, not by the drink. Even if most of your wedding guests are nondrinkers, don't let the caterer talk you into paying by the drink. The secret about teetotallers is that many actually do imbibe when the liquor is free, and what's free for them costs you about $7.50 per cocktail. It might end up that the liquor bill is more than the food bill. It is almost always cheaper to buy liquor by the head. Caterers may charge you $20 per head for a four-hour event where guests can drink as much as they want. With a per-head liquor contract, there will be no surprises when it comes to paying the bill.

3.Focus on flowers. This nugget comes straight from a former florist: "The cost of flowers is minimal—it's the labor it takes to arrange them that costs so much." To save money on flowers, put your money into your bridal party flowers and go with nonfloral table centerpieces at your reception." The flowers in the bride's bouquet and on your mom, dad, bridesmaids, and other relatives are the flowers that will forever be in your wedding photos and video, so that's where you want to invest. Rather than having floral centerpieces, one suggestion for is that you can make yourself: "Put beautiful, tall candles on the tables and surround them with glass pebbles, or float votive candles in water." You will save a ton of money for your wedding:)

4.Book a budding musical talent. If you have always dreamed of having a live string quartet or even a rock band at your wedding reception, but can't afford their fees, hire music students. A local school (perhaps one that specializes in the performing arts), university or music college will be able to recommend some students. To avoid disaster, hold a brief audition for your musicians before you hire them, or ask if you can hear them perform at a concert or gig.