Hana and Micheal's Fairytale Engagement Shoot at Toronto Centre Island

Hana and Micheal, the beautiful married couple to be, hired NG Studio to capture the most memorable time before their wedding - their engagement. This couple had their beautiful photographs taken by NG Studio on Centre Island, a beautiful island in Ontario with theme parks, farms and restaurants. Centre Island has always been likened to a miniature CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) which takes place every year in Toronto, Ontario. Hana and Micheal are pictured riding the merry-go-round and the Ferris Wheel, taking in the historic sites of the island. The amenities and event planning services offered by centre island can be found at the website below: http://www.centreisland.ca/

En route to the beautiful island, this couple took a ferry ride across the waters, with the picturesque CN Tower in the background. As the waters crashed into the boat, the couple can be seen sharing a passionate embrace - all captured by NG Studio's expert photographers. The couple had hoped for beautiful weather and a calm sky, but after their scenic Ferris Wheel ride, the sky began to darken and rain began to fall. NG Studio and their expect photographers were able to improvise - asking the couple to share their very first dance - in the rain. As the rain fell from the sky, the couple danced barefoot among the beautiful gardens. Hana and Micheal were more than happy to make use of the beautiful rain, as their plan was to use these breathtaking photographs at their wedding, to show their loved ones their journey to becoming husband and wife. NG Studio desired to capture this couple's real life - and that included their life in the rain!

For those who enjoy fairy-tale weddings and engagements, large media corporations have recently announced that Centre Island is going to be transformed into a Disneyland Resort. If you are a princess marrying your prince - this is the place to be! A fairy-tale wedding is no longer out of reach. You can view this recent news story by following the link below: http://dailyhive.com/toronto/disneyland-toronto-islands-resort-canada

Hana and Micheal created their own fairy-tale, dancing in the gardens, sharing special moments high up in the sky, travelling over water and returning back to childhood, as they entered the merry-go-round. With the help of NG Studio's - what dream can you create?