Mike and Pritisha's Wedding Video Highlight

Mike And Pritisha Highlight from NG Studio on Vimeo.

The first time we spoke, they seem very busy looking for best photography and videography in toronto. They found NG Studio online and contacted me. We had our first meeting at a cafe.I showed them the portfolios of our wedding photos and videos. They liked them a lot. They also had many very good questions, such as the videography and photography shooting style, the details of the wedding, and the best locations for outdoor video and photo session on the wedding day.

As usually, the bride, Patricia, definitely took the lead in wedding planning, the groom, Jason did listened very well and asked some very good questions, but never interrupt when the bride is talking. This is actually a very good sign, as if both of the bride and groom are taking the very strong initiative in wedding planning, we would expect a lot of arguments between them:)

On their wedding day, the weather was not very good at the beginning, but by the time the wedding ceremony is about to start, the weather suddenly became perfect. I simply think it is because this couple is blessed by God. This also made our photographer and videographer have a lot easier time.

After the ceremony, we went to the park that is not too far from the wedding ceremony, for some outdoor wedding photos and video clips. They were very cooperative and worked extremely well with the photographer and videographer. They are totally ok with crazy and creative photos. The video and photos turn out to be very good as well.

At the reception, all guests seem had a lot of fun, especially the kids, we captured some really amazing dancers movement. With the bride and the groom had their champagne and wedding cake cutting, the whole wedding is concluded.