Marriage Proposal at Eagles Nest Golf Club | Tade and Steffi

NG Studio proudly presents a beautiful proposal that we specially helped to plan and carry out for Tade as he prepared to ask Steffi to marry him and be his wife. The proposal took place on March 30th 2015 at the famous Eagle's Nest located in Maple which is home to a beautiful restaurant and golf club. NG Studio was hired to help Tade plan the most memorable event of his life and his future Bride's life as well. This proposal encompassed over a months worth of time and effort from both parties. Tade purchased an outstanding diamond ring as well as almost 999 roses for use during his proposal!

NG Studio provided two photographers and two videographers to capture this whole event. A video was prepared and was seen playing on a large projector screen as Steffi entered the restaurant at the Eagle's Nest. This video showed Tade preparing for this elaborate proposal and when he finally asked her the pending question she did indeed say YES! The night was full of beautiful music from hired violinists with the accompaniment of fireworks, food and wine. Cartier's top level sales consultant Eugene was also proudly a part of this event and memorable day.

NG Studio is proud to offer proposal services to all those who would like a special touch on such a special day. We are so happy to have been able to plan this out for Tade and Steffi.

Tade & Steffi from NG Studio on Vimeo
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