An April Wedding in Mississauga | Micael and Stephanie

A beautiful April wedding in Mississauga

It is not often that I meet with the groom before the bride, but then it’s also not often that I photograph a wedding for such a rare couple. Micael and Stephanie grew up in the same Toronto neighborhood and began High School. When you see them together, you can really tell that these two aren’t just a couple: they’re best friends.

So on a cool, crisp April morning in the West End of Toronto, our team met with the bride at her home. I felt my heart leap when I saw Stephanie in her wedding dress. She was beautiful and I found myself excited to see how Micael would react. We captured as many photos as we could of the bride and her party before moving on to the groom. You need to know two things about Micael — he is both energetic and charismatic. His groomsmen were no exception. As we captured photos of them preparing, they began talking about martial arts and getting some action shots. So once they were suited and ready to go we took to the streets of Toronto. It was incredibly fun and you can see the results down below.

At last, we came to the ceremony, held at 1:30pm at St. John Bosco Parish in Brockville, Toronto. When the bride appeared in the doorway, I saw Micael’s smile widen. It never left, following him through the exchange of vows, through to the first kiss, and out into Adamson Estate Park in Mississauga, where the newly wedded couple had decided they would capture their first moments as husband and wife.

After some time in the park, we moved to the reception, held at a banquet hall called Roma’s Hospitality Centre on Shawson Drive in Mississauga. There, surrounded by friends and family, the newlyweds had their first dance, swirling to the tune of Unchained Melody while billowing clouds of dry ice surrounded them. The party moved into full swing as the DJ threaded 50s music into the 80s, then back into the 60s before landing in the 90s. Through it all, the bride and groom brought it, dancing the night away surrounded by loved ones. My team and I agree: this day was a pure pleasure and we were happy to be part of such a special, homegrown love story. Thank you for choosing NG studio Micael and Stephanie!

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