Mix Chinese Tea Ceremony into a Western Wedding | Cathy and Joshua

A Toronto Wedding with Chinese Traditions

On a beautiful summer morning in Toronto, two cultures to celebrate the love and commitment of Cathy and Joshua. This playful, happy couple decided to honour both of their heritages through two ceremonies: a traditional Chinese tea ceremony for Cathy's family and a Western Ceremony for Joshua's family.

When our photographer arrived at the home of the bride for the beginning of the tea ceremony, Cathy was finishing her make up and preparing to put on her gown. The gorgeous dress was made only more lovely by the bride, who glowed with happiness when she wore it. Within an hour of our arrival and the beginning of the tea ceremony, the groom arrived to pick up his bride in the limo. Together they traveled to Joshua's home for the continuation of the tea ceremony. Form there, we had time for some fun shots before the Western Ceremony began at the George Restaurant in the heart of Downtown Toronto. The couple wanted some shots around the Cathedral Church of St. James, and of course we obliged. After a final stroll through the rich green of Saint James Park, we returned to the limo for the Western Ceremony, reception, and live Jazz music.

This wedding radiated a love that transcends cultural differences. It was a true pleasure to be there for their happy day, and to see both families honoured by their loving children. Congratulations Joshua and Cathy! May your love be everlasting.

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